FINANCE Documents Required

What do I need to apply for finance?

If you are going to be applying for finance in the not too distant future it’s a good idea to get ahead and try to sort out the paper work you are likely to need. This will help speed up the finance process.

Whilst what you will need will depend on your circumstances and the lender in question, this checklist should give you a starting point.

Ensure your ID and address documents are up to date. If you need to provide proof of ID or address to satisfy money laundering requirements, it must be the original document, not a copy, and be current and valid.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED for each applicant


  1. -Signed Terms Of Business >>> CLICK HERE for Terms of Business

  2. Client Fact Find & Information gathering form ->>> CLICK HERE to download

  3. Passport or Driving License

  4. Three Months Latest Personal Bank Statements where your salary and or other income goes into with your ADDRESS on them – NOT INTERNET SCREEN PRINTS

  5. Three Months Business Bank Statements where your revenue/rents go into (applicable if you are already a Buy 2 Let Landlord)

  6. Three Months Latest Payslips and Latest P60 (if employed)

  7. Three years Tax Overview and Tax Calculations (if self- employed)

  8. Three year Company Accounts (if its a limited company purchase or remortgage)

  9. Property Portfolio Spreadsheet – showing lender, current debt outstanding and current monthly payments. >>>CLICK HERE for Property Portfolio Template

  10. Latest copy of Consumer Credit Report. This is required for all applicants/directors  –>>> CLICK HERE FOR CREDIT REPORT

  11. Proof of funds and source of wealth required, if its a new purchase




Make sure you can show where your deposit is coming from. If you are buying a property lenders will want to see where your deposit is coming from, whether it’s from your savings or a gift. Savings will need to be evidenced with bank statements and large lump sum transfers will have to be explained. Online statements can satisfy some lenders here but will need your name and address on them.

Gifted deposits will typically require a letter from the person giving you the money but the format of this will vary depending on the lender so they will need to be in a position to sign this when you apply for the mortgage.

If you are raising the money on another property it may make sense to start this process earlier to ensure you have the money available when you need it. Have all your income proof readily available
Income proof will also depend on which lender you decide to proceed with.